Why I Am Homeschooled Now

Why I Am Homeschooled Now

So, I am now officially homeschooled. I left my school and now stay at home. Here’s why I decided to do so…

  • I don’t have to wake up as early
  • I get to eat when I want and sit in the comfort of my own home
  • new experience
  • get to spend more time with my family

The only reason that would make me not want to be homeschooled is that I would miss my friends. But I see them every once in a while.

Once I get farther into homeschooling I will tell you how I feel about it. I haven’t started the first day yet. I will start tomorrow. I’m so excited to start. I feel like it will be a little easier and be less stressful.

Anyway, that was my really short blog post of why I decided to be homeschooled.

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