Why Do Snakes Dance To Flutes?

Why Do Snakes Dance To Flutes?

I had started questioning this a long time ago but I just now remember the question. Today, I’m going to do research and find out and then put what I found on here. The official question is: Why do snakes dance to flutes?

Before I do research I am going to make a prediction…

I predict that maybe the snakes were born with an instinct to dance to the high-pitched sound.

Anyway, I did the research, and here’s what I found.

Snakes don’t have ears. So they cant hear the music. They instead move to the vibrations. The snake charmer moves the flute left to right as they play. The snakes have a natural instinct to follow moving close objects.

So I was partially right. I got the fact that they have a natural instinct right but not the fact that THEY CAN’T HEAR.

Could snakes attack during this?

Sanke charmers usually sit out of attack range. If they are being safer then they would either remove the snake’s fangs, remove the venom glands, or sew the snake’s mouth shut.

I think that it’s so mean to see an animal’s mouth shut when they haven’t done anything.

This was a little bit shorter than my usual ones but I will make a longer one tomorrow. Bye.

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