Why Are Our Veins Blue If Blood Is Red?

Why Are Our Veins Blue If Blood Is Red?

I will include the answer to why are our veins blue if blood is red later on after I describe my day.

So, today, I had to go to school to take a test. Then, I went back home and took a 2-hour test. With 103 QUESTIONS!!! I mean at least it was a benchmark for the end of the semester. So, basically the last test for this year. I’m so glad that I got that long test over with.

After all of that testing and school stuff, I brushed the pets. (like I do every day) I also did my chore. Finally, I put on my new mattress topper. Even though my mattress was already REALLY COMFY, it is EVEN MORE comfortable.


Currently, I am about to eat a pizza sandwich. If you don’t know what a pizza sandwich is, it is a sandwich with cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperonis. So, it’s just like a pizza except it has bread instead of the crust. I would recommend trying one someday if you haven’t.

Random thought…

So, in my last blog I asked “Is blood blue?”, go check that out if you’re curious too. Anyway, I asked that question and at the end, I was wondering why our veins are blue. I decided to add that information here. Here is the official question… Why are our veins blue if blood is red?

Here’s what I found…

The bluish color of veins is only an optical illusion. Blue light does not penetrate as far into the tissue as red light. If the blood vessel is sufficiently deep, your eyes see more blue than red reflected light due to the blood’s partial absorption of red wavelengths. I found this information at The Conversation.

So, I guess it is our eyes that make our veins look blue. I just thought about how it would be so weird and hard to get used to if all of our veins were red. Anyway, have an amazing day! Bye!

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