The True Meaning Of Christmas

The True Meaning Of Christmas

I will explain the true meaning of Christmas later on in the post.

So, it has come to this. Christmas trees illuminating the room, stockings hung above the fireplace and decorations in every street. That must mean, IT IS THE WEEK OF CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Day is 3 days away and every time something reminds me of that I overflow with excitement. Our whole house is decorated with stockings, lights, trees, and angels. Decorations are nice but the true meaning of Christmas is actually about how Jesus was born that very day…

What Christmas Means To Me

Yes, the presents are nice. Yes, the decorations are nice. That is not the true reason we celebrate Christmas though. We don’t celebrate Christmas just to get a new phone or a new pair of shoes. We celebrate Christmas because Jesus was born on that very day. We also celebrate Christmas because we get to spend time with our family and friends.

My Favorite Thing About Christmas

My favorite part of Christmas is gift-giving. Like I said gift receiving is nice but gift-giving brings me a lot of joy. Even seeing someone open a present from someone else makes me happy. Because they have a big smile on their faces.

This year I bought more presents for people than I usually do because I got money from getting my teeth pulled from the “tooth fairy”. First, I got 40 dollars. Then, later on, I got 30 from doing work. If you want to buy some really good Christmas presents, you can find them at Poshmark. ( they have really cheap prices on clothes)

I really hope you enjoyed my version of the true meaning of Christmas.

I hope you have a very merry Christmas. This is my last post before Christmas check back in or subscribe if you want to see what I got for Christmas and how it went.

Also, If you want to see how I was a Christmas elf click here.

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  1. Hannah

    Jesus is the reason for the season! Giving gifts is my favorite too! I hope you like yours😁

  2. Beverly Jo

    Jesus makes all of our Christmas very special! We Love You Jesus!

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