Productive Saturday With A Mountain Of Laundry

Productive Saturday With A Mountain Of Laundry

It´s currently 10:58 (so basically 11:00). I woke up at 8:40, I guess that´s a pretty good time to wake up. Then, I ate breakfast, took a quick shower, and played some games with my cousin.

Now, I´m about to clean up my room(since I didn´t do it yesterday). I think I want to be as flexible as I used to. When I was like 7 I was SUPER flexible. So, I´m going to stretch as much as possible to see if I can be that flexible again. Finally, I´ll do my chore and some other things.

I will see you after I have all of that done.


PHEW!!! It´s 5:21. I just got done with A TON of laundry and I ACTUALLY cleaned my room today. I haven´t stretched yet. I´ll do that before I go to bed. So, overall, today has been a pretty productive day and I´m glad that I got all of that stuff done.

Random Thought

So, while I was folding my laundry and cleaning my room, I had a lot of time to think. I thought SOOO MANY random thoughts but this one stood out… why do plants lean towards the sun as it moves?

I did some research and found out that “the higher concentration of auxin on the shady side causes the plant cells on that side to grow more so it bends toward the light. Because light is the energy source for plant growth, plants have evolved highly sensitive mechanisms for perceiving light… This bending towards light is called phototropism.” I found this information at Journey North.

tulip flowers leaning towards the sun.

I understand that the sun is a producer of energy for photosynthesis. For example: when trees don’t get enough sunlight because something is blocking it, they grow tall and skinny to try to reach the sun.

See you tomorrow!

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