My Thanksgiving Day 2020

My Thanksgiving Day 2020

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So, it´s Thanksgiving morning and I am SO EXCITED about the ham, deviled eggs, and mashed potatoes. Those have to be my favorite things on Thanksgiving.

What Should I Wear?

I think I´m going to wear a brown dress with black leggings and gold shoes. I´m wearing a brown dress because brown is a Thanksgiving color. You know like turkey is brown and turkeys go with Thanksgiving…Anyway, right now I´m sitting in the kitchen and my mom is making MASHED POTATOES!!! Like I said that is one of my FAVORITES!

I got two teeth pulled on Tuesday, and my gums are still healing. I DID NOT like the idea of getting my teeth pulled two days before thanksgiving because you know…FOOD. If I eat carefully then I will be okay….hopefully. Well, I´ll see you after Thanksgiving lunch.

After Lunch

I´m back from Thanksgiving lunch and guess what…THERE WAS NO HAM!!! It´s fine though because there were deviled eggs and mashed potatoes, so that sort of leveled out. Also, the dress that I was going to wear turned out to be too big. So, I wore a black shirt, jeans, and black converse. Overall, I would say that was a pretty good Thanksgiving, short, but good.

Nap Time!

Okay, well I’m going to take a nap now. Have a happy Thanksgiving! BYE!!!

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  1. Jill parks

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Congratulations on your new webpage. It looks great!

    1. Eva

      I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too! Thank you!

  2. Adam

    I had Thanksgiving yesterday. I wore jeans, button up shirt and Sketcher slip on shoes. I DID have ham and turkey. Thankfully I got to eat some pecan pie too ( my fav).

  3. Eva

    Cool! I’m glad that you got to have pecan pie.

  4. Hannah

    Glad you got your deviled eggs 😈 🐣

    1. Eva

      😂 They were delicious!!!

  5. Beverly Jo

    Eva this is so cool for you to write (blog) about your fun Holidays! Maybe you will be famous like Julia Childs-she was a famous cook! You could even be a very famous writer like Erma Bombeck, Alfred Lord Tennyson or The Apostle Paul. GOOD JOB EVA!

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