My Christmas Preparation

My Christmas Preparation

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( I named this my Christmas preparation because I’m saying what I want for Christmas and how I prepared for Christmas) I just finished my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL until 2021. I am bouncing off of the walls over how excited I am for Christmas! I bought three presents for my mom, Three presents for my dad and one present for everyone else. ( cause they spend a lot of money on me and take care of me I got them a few more)

What I’m Hoping For

I really want a laptop for Christmas so I can work on my blog on it. Right now, I’m using my mom’s laptop. I want to have my own so I don’t have to ask when I want to write my blog. That is all I REALLY want for Christmas but I sure if I don’t get that I’ll be fine. Comment what you want for Christmas.


Right now, I am, of course, writing my blog. I’m in my living room with my dog beside me and my cat being lazy upstairs. No one is really around. The fire is crackling and I’m still in the furry maroon pajamas that I got last year for Christmas. It might be a little late but if you need somewhere to buy Christmas presents online go to Amazon. ( I’m pretty sure everyone knows what Amazon is but whatever)

What My Family Does For Christmas

So, what I find really weird about our family is that the adults wake up first. The kids ( or should I say kid, teenager, and adult) wake up last. We get up at about 6:00 and walk into the living room half asleep. 😴 Then, we pick someone to be Santa. ( which is usually me) whoever is Santa, picks who gets to open what present and hands it to them. After we have unwrapped all of the presents, we go to my grandparents’ house where we have breakfast and open gifts there. Then, finally, we all play with or use the gifts that we received and enjoy Christmas day.

More Stuff

I will list all of the things that I got my family after Christmas because I don’t want them to read this and be like oooh I can’t wait to open that. Just if you were wondering what I got them.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas preparation.

Anyways, have a holly jolly Christmas. ( I might post before or after Christmas I don’t know but keep your eyes peeled for posts) 🎁 πŸͺ πŸ₯› πŸŽ„

Also, if you want to see how I became an elf, click here.

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  1. Jennifer

    I really enjoyed reading your post.
    What I want for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus with my favorite people, my family πŸ™‚
    As far as a gift, maybe some new shoes for work!

    1. Eva

      Thank you! I didn’t get you that but I think you will like what I got you.

  2. Hannah

    I can’t wait for our Christmas morning breakfast and a day with my family

    1. Eva

      Me neither! I love seeing everyone together!

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