Is Blood Actually Blue?

Is Blood Actually Blue?

I have not posted in a WHILE. Yeah…… sorry about that. I’ve been so caught up in school and everything.


Today I woke up at about 7:30. Then I did some school work and I had to do a presentation. I don’t know anyone that likes doing presentations. It was about Pompeii during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Anyway, after that, I did a sixty question review for math. Yeah, you heard me, SIXTY QUESTIONS. Then I did a workout and took a break. That was basically all that I did today. It was a pretty typical day.

Throughout the week…

So, this past week, I just did a whole bunch of random schoolwork. Also, I brush the pets every day. I get $1.50 a day and I have a break day so I get $9.00 for a week. So, I did that every day. I also did my chores every day and of course, I ate. Overall, this week has been pretty boring, but Christmas is in 16 days. Because of that, I have something amazing to look forward to.

Random thought…

So, I heard this theory. “ Human blood is blue and whenever it hits oxygen it turns red” I get why people would think that. Because our veins look blue and the blood is red. So my question is… Is blood actually blue? Here’s what I found…

Blood pumped directly from the heart is oxygen-rich and bright red. As the blood circulates the body and oxygen are removed by tissue, the blood grows darker. For that reason, blood returning to the heart and lungs often has a dark red appearance. But it’s never blue. I found this info at Healthline.

So, our blood isn’t actually blue it’s just a myth. Then why are our veins blue? Hmmm… I might put that answer in my next blog *hint*hint* Anyway, have an amazing day, and happy holidays! Bye!

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  1. Beverly J

    My blood is red – when I bleed. ♥️

    1. Eva

      My blood is red too. But there is/was a theory where blood is actually blue and as soon as it hits oxygen it turns red. So, I was doing research on that theory to explain if it was true or false.

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