How To Improve Your Handwriting

How To Improve Your Handwriting

Many people have a problem with their handwriting. Including me. But, today I am going to do research on how to improve my handwriting and share some of the tips with you. We can learn together.

Tip #1 Be consistent

Being consistent can help you build a habit of being consistent. If you know what I mean. And what I mean by being consistent, is that you make sure the bottom of all of your letters line up and if you were to draw a line connecting the bottom of them it wouldn’t be squiggly. Of course, there are exceptions for g,j,q,y, and lowercase p.

Tip #2 Choose which letters you want to change

You can write the alphabet, then circle the letters that you want to look different for your handwriting. After that, you can write it the way that you would rather your handwriting look.

Tip #3 Try writing slower than you usually do

Some people tend to write really fast. Sometimes when you write fast, you’ll begin to connect your letters together, causing them to look sloppy. As you get warmed up to your new writing style, you can eventually start speeding up your writing.

Tip #4 Use graph paper

Using graph paper can help you line your numbers up and not write them too big or too small.


Practice makes perfect. Your handwriting isn’t going to become amazing overnight. You have to practice and you will get wonderful handwriting.

I’m going to go now. I gotta go practice my C’s.

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