How To Draw Cool Illusions

How To Draw Cool Illusions

You probably clicked on this because you wanted to learn how to draw cool illusions. So, today I am going to give you a few tutorials on how to draw just that.

What you Will Need

This is just a simple drawing. All you will need is a pencil, a ruler and paper. But if you want to get real fancy then you can use a blender for a few of these.

“Hello” illusion

Step 1: First, you draw lines for the spacing of letters, like this. It doesn’t have to be perfect. These are just the guide lines.

I am going to use the word “hello” for the example.

Step 2: Then, you draw curved lines for the beginning of the letters. For the “O”, draw a “C” shape. Like this.

Can you kind of see it now?

Step 3: Draw more lines on the letters like shown below.

I know it looks weird now, but just wait.

Step 4: Don’t change “H”. But draw the finishing lines to “E” and the “L”s. Also, draw the inner circle of “O”. Like this.

Now you can tell what it says. Can’t you?

Step 5: Leave the “O” as it is. Draw small lines on the letters as I have done below.

I have circled the changes in red because they are small.

Step 6: Add curved lines on the left side of each letter, like I did below.

It’s starting to look curvy now.

Step 7: Draw curved lines in the opposite direction on each letter except for “O”. Instead of drawing a curved line draw a line as I did down below for “O”.

Now, this is where it starts to get cool.

Step 8: Draw the same lines I have added below. For “O” make the two half circles on the inside.

Feast your eyes on the next step!

Step 9: Color in the spaces I colored in with dark gray below.

Now it’s coming together.

Step 10: Shade the top of each letter to make it look like its curved forward.


There you have it! That is how to draw a really cool “hello” illusion. ( By the way, just this one drawing took me A LONG TIME to get all of the pictures on here.)

A Hole In The Ground Illusion

Step 1: draw random zigzags. (It can be your own unique way.)

Step 2: Draw vertical lines with different shades of gray.

Okay. This already looks insane.

Step 3: Add cracks to the points of the hole. So it looks as if it just busted open.


Step 4: Darken some of the crevices and the bottom of the hole.

Step 5: Add light gray shading to where you put the lines. Also, add the shading on the outer edge of the hole. Like this.


VOILA! There is a hole in the ground illusion. It’s currently 10:30. So, I am going to sleep. I will continue with the tutorials tomorrow.

It’s morning now. I have more tutorials for you so let’s start.

This one isn’t really an illusion but it’s really helpful for those of you who draw a lot.


Step 1: Draw small zigzags from top to bottom. Like this.

These are just guidelines. It’s fine if they are not perfect.

Step 2: Draw half circles around the zigzags. As shown below.

It already looks like a braid.

Step 3: Add lines for the hair and the hair tie.

Step 4: Add thin and thick lines with varying shades of gray to make it look more realistic.

There is how to draw a simple braid. It’s really easy and fast.

3-D Peel Up “H”

Step 1: Draw two light squares side-by-side.

These are just guidelines it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 2: Draw a slanted rectangle inside of the two squares. Use the squares to help you make it.

Step 3: Draw a line on the left and right sides of the slanted rectangle. Then, erase the lines that I erased below.

Step 4: Draw lines on each side of the “H”. I have circled them in red so you can see what I did better.

Step 5: Draw curved lines for both sides of “H” so it looks like it’s peeling up.

Step 6: Erase the lines inside the lines we just drew. Then, draw small lines going backward on the top of the “H” as I did below.

Step 7: Draw lines down the right side of each line. Draw from the small lines you just drew. Then, connect the small lines at the top of the “H” as I did below.

Now it’s starting to come together.

Step 8: Draw the middle to the “H” and make it look 3-D as I did below.

Step 9: Color the shadow in with your pencil.


There was how to draw a 3-D peel up “H”.

That is all of the tutorials I have for you. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you want to see more stuff like this subscribe and you will be updated every time I post. Bye!

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