How My Christmas Went

How My Christmas Went

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Guess what. I’m not typing on my mom’s computer. Do you know what I’m typing on? I’m typing on MY VERY OWN LAPTOP! So, as you can tell, my Christmas went pretty well so far but now I’m going to tell you how the rest of my day went.

The First Few Hours Of Christmas

So, during the first few hours, we opened gifts and got the stuff out of our stockings. (I will tell you what I got other people in the next paragraph.) Then, we went to my grandparents and had pancakes. We also opened presents there and I got some amazing stuff. (Thank you to everyone who got me something.)

What I Got People For Christmas

I didn’t tell you what I got people in my last few blogs because I didn’t want the person who I got it for, to read it. But since it is Christmas day and they already opened their gifts I can tell you. So, here is what I got other people for Christmas.

  1. I got my mom a leopard print necklace, pillow, and slippers.
  2. I got my dad a navy blue shirt, a mug that says “best farter ever… oops I meant father”, and a prank ( a box inside of a box and so on. In the last box there was a cough drop.)
  3. I got my brother a purple phone case
  4. I got my sister a whole bunch of scrunchies
  5. I got my brother’s girlfriend a phone case that fades from purple to blue with stars that move

How Much I Enjoyed This Christmas

This Christmas was amazing. Again, my favorite part is seeing smiles on people’s faces and I sure did see a lot of smiles today. This is by far the best Christmas ever. I hope you had a merry Christmas.

Also, if you want to see how I was an elf click here.

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  1. Beverly Jo

    I am so glad you had such a great Christmas Eva!! I will se your laptop soon!

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