Eva’s Giant About Me

Eva’s Giant About Me

I know that there is already an about me on my website home page but I decided to make a giant one so you can know everything about me. Some of you who know me might already know all of this stuff but you might learn EVEN MORE. So, here is Eva’s giant about me.

My Favorite Things

I can’t really decide on a favorite food but I have 3 favorites. One of them is pizza. I know a lot of people who’s favorite food is pizza. Another one is tacos. I mean WHO DOESN’T LIKE TACOS. The last one is cheesecake. I know that isn’t really a food. It’s more of a dessert but I still really like it.

My favorite animal is a red panda. Some people don’t know what a red panda is. They aren’t anything like a panda. They kinda look like a fox mixed with a raccoon. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! (in my opinion)

Here’s what a red panda looks like

My favorite color is pink. My whole room is decorated in pink. I don’t know why it’s my favorite color. It just satisfies my eyes to look at it.

My favorite thing to do is draw or paint. Anything that has to do with art, I will do with relish. ( I ate my donut yesterday with relish ) Not the condiment but the feeling.

My Dream Life

My dream life would be me having an otter and a fox as pets. Maybe a cat too. And I would have one of those closets that the doors look like a wall and you push the door in to open it. One of the rooms of the house would be a hangout room with one of those chairs that swing. It would also have a white, soft rug.

That was my giant about me. I hope you enjoyed and learned some more about me. BYE!!!

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  1. Beverly Jo

    That is a cute Red Panda EVA. Maybe someday you may work at a zoo and take care of a Red Panda.

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