Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Currently, I am wearing blue light glasses and I was wondering if they actually work. If they didn’t work then I would be wearing them for no reason. You were probably wondering the same thing when you clicked on this. (or you are one of my family members.) Well, if you were wondering or not you’re going to find out. My official question is… Do blue light glasses work? So, here’s what I found…

While blue light glasses technically do work—as in, they do their job of blocking your eyes from blue light—whether they’re worth purchasing is another question. Because, really, if the true effects of blue light on human eyes are still up in the air, so is the ability of blue light glasses to do anything to help.

I found this information at MSN.

So, I guess blue light glasses are worth wearing. If you have a different opinion then I guess just don’t wear them. In my opinion, if they actually work to block blue light (like that website said), then I will wear them every time my eyes are exposed to blue light. ( well, almost)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my post. Bye!

Wait! You thought that was the end of my post didn’t you? Well, If you did or even if you didn’t, I still have more to say.

Today, I am twisting things up some. Instead of putting how my day went at the top and the random thought at the bottom, I am putting the random thought at the top and how my day went at the bottom. The reason I am doing this is that some people who click the link just want to see the answer.

How My Day Went

My day was AMAZING. Yesterday was Christmas so I had plenty to play with and use. I had to do some cleaning in my room too because I had just set all the stuff I got on my floor. After I got done with cleaning, I painted a “beautiful” self-portrait. Yeah, I put quotation marks around that for a reason. Anyway, after I painted that….thing, I cleaned my room a little more and read some. Then, I took a shower and now I’m here.

So, there was how my day went. This is ACTUALLY the end of my post. I hope you enjoyed and had a very merry Christmas.

If you want to see how my Christmas went click here.

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