Another Day With Eva

Another Day With Eva

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This morning I woke up at around 6:00. Do you know why? My cat was knocking stuff over, climbing on stuff, and chewing on stuff. I mean…. he´s a cat so I´m not surprised. The thing is, during the day, he sleeps. All-day every day. At night, he is as hyper as a raccoon that just drank five cups of coffee.

I ended up going back to sleep and waking back up at 9:00. Guess what. My cat is asleep right now, cause it´s the day. Also, the reason why I´m not doing school right now is that I´m still on Thanksgiving break.


It is 10:58 AM. I just made my family coffee. I made my mom hot coffee with Egg Nog as the creamer and a little bit of peppermint flavoring. I made hers have sort of a Christmas vibe. For my brother, was iced coffee with Egg Nog as the creamer and a bit of pumpkin spice flavoring. I gave him coffee with a bit of a fall vibe. My sister wanted hot chocolate so she made her own. My dad didn´t want anything. So, I didn´t make him anything.

What to do what to do…

So, I have no clue what I should do right now because I have ANOTHER Thanksgiving lunch at 2:00. So, that might be awhile. I know it sounds crazy, but I have the urge to clean my room. I KNOW an eleven-year-old WANTING to clean their room! I’m CRAZY!!! Well, I´ll see you after my room is squeaky clean.

Later that evening…

I ended up not cleaning my room. I´m not THAT crazy. Anyway, I went to my cousin’s house and jumped on the trampoline some. Then, I played some video games. Now, he is here and watching me write my blog.

Well, I think I´m going to continue on with my evening. Have a wonderful day!

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