10 Of The Most Unusual Sea Creatures In The World

10 Of The Most Unusual Sea Creatures In The World

Today, I am going to be listing 10 different sea creatures that (I think) is insane. For me, it is very interesting to hear all of the different instincts and characteristics these creatures have. If you love science, you are gonna love this blog post.

1. Megamouth Shark

This is what the Mega Mouth Shark looks like…

AHHHHH!!! So….. strange…

Megamouth Facts

The Megamouth Shark had a pretty late discovery. They were discovered in 1976. The reason for this is because Megamouths live in the deep part of the ocean. Researchers have observed the Megamouths and they have predicted that Megamouths eat mostly plankton in the deep part of the ocean.


During the day, Megamouth sharks usually stay in the deep part of the ocean where the plankton is. During the night, they swim to the surface and stay there for the night. Although that makes it seem like they are nocturnal, they aren’t. Megamouth sharks are usually awake during the day.

2. Giant Spider Crab

Giant Spider Crab Facts

The first Giant Spider Crab was spotted on the coast of Japan. They are known as taka-ashi-gani which means the tall legs crabs.

In the picture above it may seem like this cool creature just looks like a normal crab with skinny legs but you HAVE to see it compared to a human…

The largest Giant Spider Crab had legs that were 12.5 feet long! (3.8 meters)

3. Grimpoteuthis

Grimpoteuthis Facts

Grimpoteuthis’ are sometimes called Dumbo octopuses because of their “ears” above their eyes. This relates to the classic 1941 film, Dumbo. There are 14 different types of Grimpoteuthis’.

  • 1. grimpoteuthis abyssicola
  • 2. grimpoteuthis bathynectes
  • 3. grimpoteuthis boyle
  • 4. grimpoteuthis challengeri
  • 5. grimpoteuthis discoveryi
  • 6. grimpoteuthis hippocrepium
  • 7. grimpoteuthis innominata
  • 8. grimpoteuthis meangensis
  • 9. grimpoteuthis megaptera
  • 10. grimpoteuthis pacifica
  • 11. grimpoteuthis plena
  • 12. grimpoteuthis tuftsi
  • 13. grimpoteuthis umbellata
  • 14. grimpoteuthis wuelker

Yeah…that’s a lot.


Grimpoteuthis eat worms, crustaceans, shellfish, and copepods. Researchers and scientists have observed that this fascinating creature moves with the thrust of the fins yet some studies show otherwise.

4. Titan Triggerfish

Titan Triggerfish Facts

The Titan Triggerfish is usually seen on reefs and rubble areas from 18 meters downwards and occasionally on walls of deep trenches. Titan Triggerfish are found across the Indo-West Pacific area from South Africa to Southern Japan and the southern Great Barrier Reef across into the Pacific Islands. Titan Triggerfish have a varied diet and feed on sea urchins, corals, mollusks, crustaceans, and worms. There have been many divers attacked by this unique creature before so be careful.

5. Anglerfish

Anglerfish Facts

This fish does exactly what it looks like it would do. It is a major predator in the deepest part of the ocean. Its light attracts prey. Anglerfish mostly eat small fish and shrimp.

Funny thing is, only the female Anglerfish actually hunt. Anglerfish have a mouth so big, that they can swallow something TWICE its size!

I don’t know about you, but I would be completely TERRIFIED if I were to ever see that fish!

6. Vampire Squid

It kinda looks animated…thats cool

Vampire Squid Facts

The vampire squid is small. It’s found throughout temperate and tropical oceans in extremely deep sea conditions. The vampire squid uses its organs and its unique oxygen metabolism to survive in the parts of the ocean with the lowest amount of oxygen.

Vampire squids have light blue eyes. That’s pretty cool for a SQUID to have BLUE eyes.

7. Axolotl

Axolotl Facts

Axolotls live in freshwater. They are usually found in ponds, lakes, or by rivers. But they can survive in seas and oceans. The first Axolotl discovery was in Mexico,1864. Axolotls eat almost any creature that is smaller than it. But that doesn’t mean that they will automatically attack it.

8. Halitrephes maasi

That’s a Halitrephes maasi. (I’m just going to call it a firework jellyfish)

Firework Jellyfish Facts

The middle of the creature consists of radial canals that help it move food through its body, they turn brilliant colors of pink and yellow.

If the Firework Jelly fish didn’t light up at all, then it would be completely translusent and nearly invisible.

9. Spirobranchus giganteus

This is a Spirobranchus giganteus. It is also called a christmas tree worm.

Spirobranchus Giganteus Facts

Christmas tree worms are marine worms that live on tropical coral reefs around the world. Christmas tree worms come in a variety of bright colors. They aren’t big, they have an average length of about 1.5 inches. The Christmas tree worm’s most common predators are crabs and shrimps.

10. Leafy Seadragon

Last but not least… the leafy seadragon

Leafy Seadragon Facts

Leafy seadragons have transparent fins. This makes it look like they are floating seaweed whenever they use their fins to move so their predators don’t see them. The leafy sea dragon lives by places with a lot of seaweed to make it seem like it is a piece of floating seaweed. This species has only been recorded from the southern coastline of Australia.


That concludes 10 if the most unusual sea creatures in the world. I hope you have a great day.

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